FKP Quick Case Study


The ROI on the business that Presentation Director Geoffrey X Lane has helped FKP close is astounding. Where else can you get a 19629.12% return on investment?

His “cost” has averaged out to about half a percent of the business earned.

Project Bids Won

Total: $8,740,000.00

Bid Coach Fees

Total: $44,300

Value of Bids Won
Bids Won: $8,740,000
Fees To Presentation Director Geoffrey X Lane

Ever seen a case study with 19629.12% return on investment before? These are real numbers, as FKP will be happy to attest.

Hiring a Presentation Director/Bid Consultant for your major pitch is just good business. The insight that wide experience in many organizations brings, coupled with an “outsider’s view”, is very effective… as the numbers show.