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To give your bid team every opportunity to win, give them presentation skills training by an experienced Presentation Director with a high win rate, including the Vancouver Winter Olympics!

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What Our Clients Say About Us:

“In over 20 years of selling architectural services I have worked with several presentation consultants – none as deeply talented and effective as Geoffrey Lane.”

Diane Osan, FKP Architects
Diane Osan, CEO

“Geoffrey Lane was an enormous asset to the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid in the critical presentation in Prague. He helped us find the words that allowed us to deliver the message in a more powerful and passionate way.”

John Furlong, VANOC
John Furlong, President, VANOC
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Bid Team

“Your knowledge and wisdom, combined with that British sense of humor made the whole experience a delight and a real learning experience for me.”

Bruce Raber, Stantec Architecture
Bruce Raber, Vice President
Stantec Architecture

Bid presentations and pitching business ideas rank high on almost everyone’s list of greatest fears.

Yet in today’s business world we make pitches all the time: to win a contract, to raise investor money, to recruit an essential partner — and that is before we even consider our personal lives!

Customized Presentation Process

The X Factor!

It’s pretty easy to figure out what you’re competing for – attention, a new contract, investors… In a hyper-competitive world, whatever you’re competing on is going to become your focus. Is it price, innovation, reputation? It is easy to lose sight of your edge, your competitive advantage – your X Factor?!

But What Is Your X Factor?

Our focus is to coach and inspire your bid presentation team to effectively communicate and to skillfully present your winning story – your competitive edge.

Our presentation skills training involves working with and directing your team to communicate with passion, and enthusiasm.

We combine this with an equal emphasis on the technical and logistical components of your bid presentation enabling you to feel confident that all parts are well taken care of.

  • Step 1: Your X Factor

    We uncover your particular edge, your distinct and unique position – X Factor. This helps your client immediately see the benefit and advantage of working with you.

  • Step 2: Your Story

    You’ll learn to incorporate story links when communicating. This special and unique tool gives you an advantage in written communications, oral conversations and presentations.

  • Step 3: Your Presentation

    You’ll develop skills that motivate your audience, while you also inform them. Deliver your presentation in a structure that helps them choose you, so you can win in competitive presentations!

Winning Bid Presentation Team from FKP Architects

A Winning Bid Presentation Team From FKP – Geoffrey X. Lane, Presentation Director


Some Of Our Bid Consulting Methods

This Is How We Help You Grow


We Have Worked With

We have provided presentation consulting, training and coaching for; Architects, Engineers, Designers, and an Olympic Bid. We consult with you to identify the improvements you want, and get clear on your desired outcomes. We want you to win now and often.

Presentation Skills Training

It’s not enough to have the best offering, or the most reliable firm. Your bid team needs the presentation skills to powerfully frame information as benefits for the client. The team can make or break the bid! Walk out of the room knowing you were the best!

Your X Factor & Story

Your Unique X Factor positions you in your client’s mind. We can help you communicate it clearly. Crafting your key messages and developing your presentation piece is essential to motivate your audience and to get the information they want, so that they can choose you, and for you to win!

Presentation Consulting

It is often hard to get perspective when one is in the middle of a situation. As your presentation coach, I often have a clearer view of the game than the players do. The feedback you receive will increase your results and enhance your ability to win.

Executive Presentation Skills

A presentation coach helps you develop your skills, increasing your confidence and ability to persuade. You will improve your performance. You will see what is going on around you and increase your control. You will learn how to WIN.

Are You ‘Starting Up’?

Need help making your investor pitch? Lack full presentation and marketing? Motivation is easy when just starting, when things get tough motivation often declines. We can help you with your presentation skills, and help you win. You will achieve great results faster.

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

1.4 Million Presentations Will Be Given Today!

Millions will fail! Millions more will be received with yawns, judged as uninteresting and boring. Just a few will connect where both the presenter and audience understand each other: perfectly in sync; discovering common ground and, together, deciding to act. In those few presentations, the story, the performance, the pitch made the difference!

For many years, we have been providing presentation, sales and bid coaching for talented, creative individuals and companies both large and small. We also have been out there “pitching” our story, our skills and knowledge and winning business. This has given us a unique and strategic advantage; we know what works as we use it everyday.

Can We Help YOU?

We teach presentation skills to executives and presentation teams.

Powerful Sales Presentations Win Profitable Contracts

Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion!

Preparing for a highly competitive presentation requires a lot of hard work, preparation, and rehearsal. Our clients value honest, constructive and straightforward feedback. We give all of that with accuracy and precision, with just one thing in mind – to get you to win The Contract/Bid.

We have worked with some of the North America’s successful companies and exciting start ups – providing presentation consulting, training and coaching for Architects, Engineers, Designers, Software Start Up and an Olympic Bid. And for us it is great fun we love our work.

Sales Presentations training and consulting
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